How to Make Reminders from Google Sheet to Google Calendar?

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As a technology company, Google always comes up with very useful products and features for its users. All these applications are made for the comfort of the user, for example, to store personal data online. There are many Google services that we can enjoy today.

How to Make Reminders from Google Sheet to Google Calendar?

From Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. On this occasion, we will discuss Google Calendar. Google Calendar can make it easy for users to make and organize many things. From daily schedules, weekly schedules, and also monthly. With various features, Google Calendar can also be customized and can help users create their own reminders.

With Google Calendar, you no longer need to miss important moments in life. You can create reminders from Google Sheet. So, pay attention to how to make reminders from Google Sheet to Google Calendar as follows.

Understanding What Google Calendar Is

Before further discussing how to make reminders from Google Sheet to Google Calendar, let's first understand Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a time management application developed by Google and first launched in 2006. To use this Google application, you must have a Google account first. Both on smartphones and on computers.

The Calendar application itself is provided for free by Google. It is also part of Google Workspace. As a user, you are free to use it to arrange various schedule activities. On some newer smartphones, Google Calendar has become a default application. So, as long as the email used is still the same, Google Calendar notifications can still appear on any device.

Google Calendar Features

Did you know that Google Calendar has some interesting features that you can try? Here are some interesting features of Google Calendar that you can try:

Helps Increase Productivity

You can easily add activity agendas to Google Calendar by providing reminders before the activity begins. So, you can set the time before the event starts.

Sharing Calendars

You can also share your calendar with other people by giving them access to view or edit your schedule. This is useful for team coordination or sharing your schedule with family members.

Saving Events from Gmail

Google Calendar can automatically save events from your Gmail to your calendar. This feature is called "Quick Add" and you can turn it on in the settings.

Creating Activity Lists on Calendars

You can create different activity lists on your calendar, such as work, personal, or travel. This can help you keep track of different aspects of your schedule.

TV Event Reminders

Google Calendar can also set reminders for your favorite TV shows, so you never miss an episode again.

Choosing Calendars

In order to create a reminder from Google Sheet to Google Calendar, you first need to choose the calendar you want to add the reminder to. Here are the steps to create a new calendar and make reminders from Google Sheet:

3.1 How to Create a New Calendar

Open Google Calendar on your computer or mobile device.

Click the plus sign (+) on the left sidebar.

Select "Create new calendar"

Fill in the details of your calendar, such as the name and description.

Click "Create Calendar"

3.2 How to Make Reminders from Google Sheet to Google Calendar

Open the Google Sheet containing the information you want to create a reminder for.

Highlight the cells containing the date, time, and event details.

Go to the "Add-ons" menu and select "Google Calendar"

Click "Create Event"

A pop-up window will appear asking you to select the calendar to add the event to. Select the calendar you just created.

Click "Save"

3.3 Exporting Google Calendar to Google Sheet

You can also export your Google Calendar events to a Google Sheet. This can be useful for data analysis or backup purposes.

3.4 How to Download Google Sheet

To download a Google Sheet, go to "File" > "Download As" and choose the format you want to download the file in.

3.5 Problems commonly faced by Google Calendar users

Some common issues users face with Google Calendar include syncing issues, notifications not working, or difficulty sharing calendars. These issues can often be resolved by checking your settings or contacting Google support.


Google Calendar is a powerful tool that can help you organize your schedule and create reminders. By connecting your Google Calendar to Google Sheet, you can easily create reminders for important events and keep track of your schedule. Remember to check for common issues and troubleshoot if necessary.

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