The Method Of Exploring The Environment (Jas) As A Form Of Independent Learning

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The Method Of Exploring The Environment (Jas) As A Form Of Independent Learning

Fun learning  is a  teaching and learning  activity that can attract the  attention of students  with various application methods  so that when learning takes place students do not feel bored.   A fun and memorable learning atmosphere  will attract  students to  be actively involved so that learning objectives  can be achieved optimally.

The term "Merdeka Belajar" has recently  become  increasingly popular and is no stranger  to  being discussed by various circles. The concept of  Free Learning launched  by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology  aims to explore the  potential of  teachers and students in order to improve the  quality of education independently. Through this program, teachers must play an active and innovative role  in creating a pleasant learning atmosphere.

The Method Of Exploring The Environment (Jas) As A Form Of Independent Learning

In the teaching and learning process   will be more effective if done in a pleasant situation, both for students and teachers. The two are an inseparable whole  . If the  teacher teaches in a fun  way, the students are  happy. And if students feel  happy, the  enthusiasm for learning  becomes high so that the  teacher feels satisfied because the learning is successful. 

One fun  learning method  is the  JAS (Exploring  the Environment)  method.   This method is one of the  components  of PAKEM (Active, Creative, Effective and Fun Learning). The JAS  method provides space  and opportunities for  students  to  explore through relevant activities  so as to allow students to  reconstruct  their conceptual understanding.

On the  other hand, learning with the  JAS  method makes students  gain direct experience that allows students   to better understand  the  problem being studied and can make  students happy and   not bored rather than studying in a classroom. The JAS method also emphasizes the learning process that is associated with the  natural environment around students'  lives with the real world  so that in addition to being   able to open diverse thinking insights, Students may also  learn different concepts and how to  relate them to real-life  problems.  

As formal education, schools are institutions that have an  important role in creating a pleasant learning atmosphere so that students can  actively develop their potential to have  strength religious spirituality,  self-control, personality, intelligence,  noble character   , and skills.  School, which is a place to   strive to achieve educational goals, must prioritize fun and excitement.The Method Of Exploring The Environment (Jas) As A Form Of Independent Learning

The following are the learning steps  with the  JAS method: (1) The teacher prepares the teaching  materials / materials to be given to students; (2) The teacher gives the material briefly; (3) The teacher forms groups of 4 to 5 students in each group;  (4) The teacher guides students in  making observations  or observations in the  surrounding environment  ; (5) Each group does the  assignment from the Master in the form of pre-designed    worksheets  and the Teacher provides individual  assistance to students who need it; (6) Each group reports the results of its  observations by presenting the results of  its group work; (7) If there is time for  the teacher to give tests to individual students  ; (8) Towards the  end of the  lesson, the  teacher provides classical deepening of the material.

Learning by inviting students  to explore the surrounding environment  can at least provide a number of benefits, including  : (1)  Learning activities will be more interesting and not boring for students  so as to make Students will be more motivated; (2) Students can immediately hear, see,  feel,  and smell the  object being studied  naturally and tangibly so as to convince   the  results; (3) The materials to be studied are more  and factual and the truth is more accurate; (4) Students are  more active because it  can be done in various ways such as observing and demonstrating; (5) Create many learning  resources because the  learning environment  is very diverse; (6) Students can  understand and live aspects  of life  directly in the  surrounding environment so that they   can arouse  curiosity.  

 Thus students go through the learning process  very well because they  are directly involved  in the experience and  the knowledge  gained is more  meaningful because it is found by themselves so that the willingness to learn becomes more  high. In learning there is exploration, constructivism of knowledge, the process of science, and  the learning community.  

Through  this method,  harmonious cooperation  between students can also  be built, disciplined, work according to interests and abilities  , and create a democratic learning atmosphere  . Teachers can see high  activity in students, this is the  real meaningful learning design—a professional totality of educators for  their students.  In fact,  education  today often causes pressure for students, teachers, and parents  because they tend to be more concerned with the final result of  grades in the form of numbers. Teachers  and students focus  more on  how to get good grades  so that aspects of attitudes and skills receive less attention. This condition should not be  left unchecked and a  concept that  is able to answer the  challenges of  the times is needed, one of which is by creating a friendly and fun educational ecosystem. The Method Of Exploring The Environment (Jas) As A Form Of Independent Learning

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